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…or is this Dollhouse promo very Tarantino-esque? Advertisements

When I first read about Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez’s grindhouse movies, I was pretty sure that I wouldn’t like them, that I wasn’t part of the audience for them. I mean, violence, gore, and objectified women? Hardly sounds like my cup of tea. I shouldn’t like Death Proof. I know that I shouldn’t like […]

I worry a little for people who might pick up Hard Candy because they see Ellen Page’s name on the cover, because this film is about as far from her star-making turn in indie darling Juno that one can get. Director David Slade’s debut feature film is an intense, disturbing psychological thriller of the highest […]

I never thought that I would make this statement, but as I watched True Romance I longed for Quentin Tarantino. Can I say it? The script was good, with the exception of that warm, fuzzy ending, but Tony Scott filmed it with absolutely no style. It looked like any other Hollywood-processed action movie, even though […]

First, I would like to thank TNT for allowing me both to review films that I have not seen in some time and for giving me an opportunity to attempt films that I have been hesitant to watch, including Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill films. I had not seen any of Tarantino’s films before watching Kill […]