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The more I attempt to analyze films by Krzysztof Kieslowski I realize that I shouldn’t worry about figuring everything out. Mystery is an integral part of the ambiance of Kieslowski’s work. In the case of The Double Life of Véronique, two women from different countries who were born on the same day and look exactly […]

Red concludes the Three Colors trilogy in Switzerland with Valentine, a student and part-time model living in Geneva whose sole contact with her family and her boyfriend is by phone. One night she hits a dog with her car and, not knowing what to do, she takes the wounded animal to its owner, a detached […]

The second film in Krzysztof Kieslowski’s Three Colors trilogy, White follows Karol Karol (that’s not a typo), a hairdresser from Poland whose French wife divorces him, seemingly because they have not had sex since their marriage. Without a job or a place to stay, Karol resorts to playing music on his comb in a train […]

Blue tells a powerful story of grief and loss through the experiences of Julie, a woman whose husband and daughter die in a car crash that she survives. Unable to kill herself, Julie decides to sell her house and all her possessions to move into an anonymous apartment. In Julie’s case, liberty, which is represented […]

“Blue, liberty; White, equality; Red, fraternity… We looked very closely at these three ideas, how they functioned in everyday life, but from an individual’s point of view. These ideals are contradictory with human nature. When you deal with them practically, you do not know how to live with them. Do people really want liberty, equality, […]