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Kate kinda reminds me of the Wendy’s girl here. Except much cuter. Advertisements

I watched Titanic on TNT this weekend. I hadn’t seen the film since its release when I believe I saw it something like 4 or 5 times in the theater. What can I say? I was 14 and Leonardo DiCaprio was, like, so hot. I was looking forward to watching Titanic again with some distance […]

After watching An American Crime the other day, I felt compelled to pull out Heavenly Creatures to remind myself how a true crime movie should be done. In depicting the Parker-Hulme murder that happened in Christchurch, New Zealand in 1954, director Peter Jackson seamlessly blends fantasy and suspense into what amounts to a coming-of-age story. […]

How do people interact with music in their daily lives? For some it’s an escape, a distraction from routine. Some people use music as a means to express themselves in ways that other communication doesn’t allow them. For others it’s simply noise in the background of their life. John Turturro calls his third outing as […]

This picture must have been taken soon after Cate Blanchett filmed Heaven. She rocks the post-“shaved my head for a part” period just as hard as Natalie Portman, I think. And wouldn’t Cate make an adorable chapstick lesbian?

Is it just me or have an obscene amount of films about Nazis been released recently? Let’s see, there’s Valkyrie, the Tom Cruise flick about the failed assassination attempt on Hitler. Does anyone else think it was perhaps not the best move PR-wise for Tom to play a Nazi? He doesn’t exactly have the warm […]

Criterion 1: I must have seen a significant amount of the actress’ oeuvre. Criterion 2: The actress should demonstrate some range by having acted in more than just one genre. (Sorry, Tina.) Criterion 3: I have watched films that I’m embarrassed to admit just to see the actress. In alphabetical order: Julie Andrews (The Sound […]