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“What’s it like to be stupid?”“What’s it like sitting by yourself at lunch every day?”“It sucks.” Smart People is a typical story of a curmudgeon who softens when he finds potential in a new relationship. Lawrence Wetherhold is a widowed English professor at Carnegie Mellon who is uninterested in his students, alienated from his kids, […]

Despite having two talented actors like Catherine Keener and Ellen Page as his leads, co-writer and director Tommy O’Haver has created a film that would feel at home on the Lifetime Movie Network. From the title to (the usually solid) Keener’s underwhelming performance, An American Crime is as bland as these “portraits of a murderer” […]

Director Bruce McDonald seems to think that his approach to this material is avant garde or some shit, but The Tracey Fragments looks like a bad film school project. Maureen Medved’s script, based on her book of the same name, details the experiences of 15-year-old Tracey Berkowitz, “just a normal girl who hates herself,” and […]

I worry a little for people who might pick up Hard Candy because they see Ellen Page’s name on the cover, because this film is about as far from her star-making turn in indie darling Juno that one can get. Director David Slade’s debut feature film is an intense, disturbing psychological thriller of the highest […]