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I’ve been catching up with the first two episodes of Dollhouse this weekend, so I had the opportunity to see Jamie Bamber, who is probably my least favorite Battlestar Galactica cast member and played probably my least favorite character, in a different role. With a full British accent even. He didn’t irritate me as much […]

…or is this Dollhouse promo very Tarantino-esque?

Don’t get me wrong — Tahmoh Penikett seems like a nice guy, and I liked him on Battlestar Galactica. But he doesn’t seem to have much range, and I’ve been disappointed with his performance as Ballard. If I had recruited a BsG alum for Dollhouse, I most definitely would have picked Katee Sackhoff, who captivated […]

When I heard that the original Dollhouse pilot was not going to be aired as the first episode of the series, I groaned a little on the inside. I worried the switch foretold the recurrence of what happened to Firefly, despite Joss’ insistence that he, rather than the network, chose to rework the pilot. But […]

Some initial thoughts about the pilot: It didn’t seem very piloty. I tend to think a pilot’s purpose is to establish the characters and the environment that make up the core of the show. This episode was mainly client-based and took place outside of the Dollhouse for the most part. The kidnapping plot functioned well […]

I don’t trust FOX. Over the years, FOX has canned some of my favorite shows (Arrested Development, Wonderfalls), shows that I really enjoyed (The Inside, Firefly), and shows that had a lot of potential (Drive, Undeclared). For the first time in five years, Joss Whedon is going to have a series on television. Dollhouse, starring […]