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So Joss gave us an evil lesbian and a dead lesbian. I give you evil, dead lesbians. This mash-up came about because I really enjoyed seeing Amber Benson play a psychopath named Allison Davis in the episode “The Perfect Couple” on The Inside. But I didn’t think that Allison and Roddy Davis were the perfect […]

It’s not surprising that many teen flicks from my adolescence feature actors who also appear on Buffy. Actors who auditioned for parts on Buffy would be auditioning for other high school roles as well. But I don’t think I’ve ever noticed a larger critical mass of Buffy actors, both recurring characters and guest stars, in […]

Of all the relationships on Buffy, Willow and Tara’s feels the most separated from the goings-on of the other Scoobies. That separation is partly forced because their relationship is a lesbian one and thus not quite socially acceptable, especially on network television. Willow and Tara are much less physically affectionate in comparison to the show’s […]

You know, for someone who was constantly changing her clothes because of all the make-up sex she was having in this episode, Tara is surprisingly coiffed and accessorized here. Normally, I didn’t care for the hair-oh-no-they-di’n’ts and jewelry they tried on Tara, but I think she looks adorable with these pigtails and simple, dangly earrings. […]

Despite their many differences, I always think of Anya and Tara as kindred spirits in a way. Both of them were always outsiders, never quite managing to break into Buffy, Willow, Xander, and Giles’ tight knit circle, and they both had to overcome being characterized as just “the girlfriends.” While both characters remained underdeveloped and […]

Jane Espenson and I have a complex relationship. On the one hand, she wrote “Band Candy,” “Earshot,” and “Superstar.” On the other hand, there’s “Doublemeat Palace.” And “Triangle” joins “Him” on the Just Godawful list. I mean, this episode offends me. “Triangle” attempts to soften Anya around the edges a little, but in order to […]

I’ll start by admitting that Death’s Daughter isn’t something that I would usually read. I have and do read science fiction/fantasy novels but the stories, written by authors such as Ursula Le Guin, Marge Piercy, and Octavia Butler, have had a pretty blatant second-wave feminist social commentary element to them. In fact, I would say […]

I wouldn’t call “Who Are You?” one of my favorite Buffy episodes, but it’s definitely a season-four highlight even though it leads to an appearance of sanctimonious and downright unlikable Buffy in “Sanctuary.” I love the dynamic between Faith and Buffy, and even though you know they’re stunt doubles, there’s just something viscerally appealing about […]

Since being rudely killed off Buffy, Amber Benson hasn’t had much of a presence on television. She only has a handful of guest appearances to her name in the past, gulp, seven years, but she has done some interesting stuff that has been worth seeking out. Cold Case: “Volunteers” Her first TV appearance post-Buffy was […]

Amber Benson’s third film DRONES is in post-production at the moment and will probably be shopped around to film festivals soon. Unlike her first two films, Benson didn’t pen this one – the screenwriting credit goes to Ben Acker and Ben Blacker of The Thrilling Adventure and Supernatural Suspense Hour. She also co-directed the comedy […]