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So Joss gave us an evil lesbian and a dead lesbian. I give you evil, dead lesbians. This mash-up came about because I really enjoyed seeing Amber Benson play a psychopath named Allison Davis in the episode “The Perfect Couple” on The Inside. But I didn’t think that Allison and Roddy Davis were the perfect […]

So Alyson Hannigan recently gave birth to her first child, a little girl. And even though she and husband Alexis Denisof didn’t name the baby Willow, I’m excited for them. Hannigan and Denisof are pretty darn adorable. See? Alexis is all, “Ooh! I’m gonna touch her boobs”! Or he’s about to do the safety dance. […]

Jane Espenson and I have a complex relationship. On the one hand, she wrote “Band Candy,” “Earshot,” and “Superstar.” On the other hand, there’s “Doublemeat Palace.” And “Triangle” joins “Him” on the Just Godawful list. I mean, this episode offends me. “Triangle” attempts to soften Anya around the edges a little, but in order to […]

Of course some episodes of Buffy are lackluster. “Beer Bad,” “Spiral,” and much of season seven are equal parts ridiculous and dull. But few episodes, in my opinion, are as embarrassingly, insultingly awful as “Him.” If not for its last nine or so minutes, I would easily call it the worst episode of Buffy ever. […]

Oh, Neil Patrick Harris.

See, Amber, you claim that you’re not looking down Alyson’s dress, but if you’re not staring at her boobs then what are you looking at?



I wonder if that’s Alyson Hannigan’s stand-in on the far right there. She’s really pretty.

Or perhaps the better question is what was the rationale behind Nick Brendon’s striped pants? And why is Alyson Hannigan shoved into the background in almost all of the photos? All of them are trying for the mysterious, sexy pout that American mags seem to like, but none of them are entirely succeeding.