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I’ve finally reached an episode that doesn’t bore me and is actually pretty good, so of course I’m having difficulty writing about it. Why is it so much easier to complain than to compliment? I’m not quite sure how to describe the storytelling technique Tim Minear uses in this script. I suppose most simply put […]

I’ve been putting off writing about this episode. It’s not that “Jaynestown” is horrible — the plot doesn’t make much sense, but that just means it’s on par with the rest of the series. It’s no worse than “Shindig” or “Safe” and it annoys me less than “The Train Job,” but I’ve been avoiding it […]

I wish that I liked this episode more because without “Our Mrs. Reynolds” there couldn’t be “Trash,” which is one of my favorite episodes of the series. And while this episode is definitely one of the better ones, I just can’t get behind the conceit of the plot. I struggle to believe that goons who […]

“Safe” continues the boring precedent that “Shindig” established, but I have sort of a soft spot for this episode because it’s about Simon and River. Theirs is probably my favorite relationship on the show because I feel like I so rarely see a platonic yet loving relationship between a man and woman. I also finally […]

I’m not sure if I dislike “Shindig” more than “The Train Job,” but this episode certainly represents a nadir of the series’ short run. Where “The Train Job” is schmaltzy, “Shindig” is boring, and both are predictable. This episode attempts to illustrate that Mal doesn’t really belong in “his world” of thieves and Inara doesn’t […]

“Bushwhacked” takes a familiar premise and pairs it with a weak plot, resulting in mediocre storytelling. Like “The Train Job,” this episode attempts to play catch-up after losing “Serenity” as Firefly‘s pilot, and it includes a lot of exposition. The first scene exposits at length about Simon and River’s situation, and the later interrogation scene […]

I really hope the production designer didn’t think those Chinese checkers would suggest an Asian cultural influence because Chinese checkers? Not so much Chinese. Zoe, Mal, and Jayne should have been munching on fortune cookies too. That would have been really “Chinese.” I know that FOX deserves some if not most of the blame for […]

While I think that the idea of a space western is actually quite germane, I’m not thrilled with Joss’ execution. Outer space is a very appropriate setting for a western, which is a genre that explores the effects of men having a lot of space. Instead of relying on really stylized production design, I would […]