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Of all the relationships on Buffy, Willow and Tara’s feels the most separated from the goings-on of the other Scoobies. That separation is partly forced because their relationship is a lesbian one and thus not quite socially acceptable, especially on network television. Willow and Tara are much less physically affectionate in comparison to the show’s […]

Despite their many differences, I always think of Anya and Tara as kindred spirits in a way. Both of them were always outsiders, never quite managing to break into Buffy, Willow, Xander, and Giles’ tight knit circle, and they both had to overcome being characterized as just “the girlfriends.” While both characters remained underdeveloped and […]

“Witch” is probably my favorite episode of season one. Yes, I like it even more than “Prophecy Girl” even though it isn’t nearly as substantive. I’m surprised that Dana Reston, the screenwriter of this episode, didn’t write any more episodes of Buffy. Like most of the episodes of season one “Witch” isn’t strong on plot, […]

Jane Espenson and I have a complex relationship. On the one hand, she wrote “Band Candy,” “Earshot,” and “Superstar.” On the other hand, there’s “Doublemeat Palace.” And “Triangle” joins “Him” on the Just Godawful list. I mean, this episode offends me. “Triangle” attempts to soften Anya around the edges a little, but in order to […]

Of course some episodes of Buffy are lackluster. “Beer Bad,” “Spiral,” and much of season seven are equal parts ridiculous and dull. But few episodes, in my opinion, are as embarrassingly, insultingly awful as “Him.” If not for its last nine or so minutes, I would easily call it the worst episode of Buffy ever. […]

I wouldn’t call “Who Are You?” one of my favorite Buffy episodes, but it’s definitely a season-four highlight even though it leads to an appearance of sanctimonious and downright unlikable Buffy in “Sanctuary.” I love the dynamic between Faith and Buffy, and even though you know they’re stunt doubles, there’s just something viscerally appealing about […]

Buffy was all about the season finales with its season premieres often turning out a little lackluster. Not so in the case of “When She Was Bad,” which is not only far from lackluster but is one of the best episodes of the series, in my opinion, and one of my favorites. Season one was…cute. […]

Dawn is surprisingly likable in this episode. I love her little walk away from Buffy: “Bye. I know. You never know what’s coming. The stake is not the power. To Serve Man is a cookbook. I love you. Go away!” Very obviously, this episode attempts to return the show “to the beginning” with the reopening […]

“Villains” HATE the Dark Willow storyline. And what a boring start to the mini-arc this episode provides. Thanks a lot, Marti Noxon. I really tend to dislike the episodes that you write. Oh, that’s right. I went there. I hate the mislead of Buffy’s shooting that allows Willow not to tell Xander and Buffy about […]

I hope that the following statement is obvious: Joss Whedon & Co. would have taken crap about having lesbian characters on Buffy no matter what. Inevitably when anyone is portraying characters from non-dominant social groups, someone somewhere will complain about the authenticity/fairness of representation/appeal/hairstyle of that character. That said, I have adverse emotions toward the […]