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Steven Vincent Benét was probably best known as a poet during his lifetime, receiving a Nobel prize for John Brown’s Body, his lengthy narrative poem about the Civil War, and a posthumous Nobel for Western Star, an unfinished narrative poem about the settling of the United States. Benét is also well known for his short […]

“The Bottle Imp”, first published in 1891, is one of the three stories included in Robert Louis Stevenson’s collection Island Nights’ Entertainments, also known as South Sea Tales. All of the stories take place in various locales in the South Seas, influenced by Stevenson’s travels of the area that were intended to improve his health. […]

How is this a short story? I do not ask this question out of criticism but rather curiosity. The story consists of only one sentence — a sentence rivaled only by the first paragraph of A Tale of Two Cities — which is a series of instructions given to a girl by her mother. The […]

Ralph Ellison’s “King of the Bingo Game” is, as is most of his work, an interesting study of Black identity. I found this story particularly interesting because of my current contact with immigrants. The director of the center where I work constantly reminds me and the other VISTA that our clients lives are based entirely […]

Oh my god. A story by Ernest Hemingway that I actually like and admire as skillfully crafted? Who’d ever’ve thought? Frederick Busch, the man who wrote a little critique of this story that the anthology included after the piece, lauds Hemingway’s dialogue in this story. Eh. The content is excellent, I will agree, but I […]

A man in his later years, riding his bicycle, gets slammed by a car. He is rushed to the hospital, where doctors decide he must have his right leg amputated. We learn how he enters upon the long process of dealing with this loss as, after a while, he prepares to return to his apartment. […]

I was not overwhelmed by this story but I do not feel as though reading it wasted my time. I think that Jackson had an interesting premise, but the ending did not offer enough of a punch. In the beginning of the story, Jackson tried to make the lottery seem so benign that within a […]

From Lin Tan’s simplified speech to the more formulaic “man meets woman, man and woman fall in love, man and woman live happily ever after” plot, “Light Can Be Both Wave and Particle” exists in that romantic realm of fairy tales. Both of the main characters live in a romantic surreality. Lin Tan is a […]

I was pleased to find a piece of Amy Hempel’s work in a short story collection because I have seen her work lauded by many sources. Based upon my impressions of this story, her praise is well-deserved. And I want to learn how to knit. Well, I wanted to learn how to knit, but after […]

Yeesh, what a disturbing story. I read the first bit last night before falling asleep, so after I read the second part today I re-read the beginning and shivered. If someone had given me this story without an author name attached, I could have made an educated guess that Joyce Carol Oates was the author […]