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Here are my favorite songs of 2011, in no particular order. (Note: A couple of these songs were actually released in 2010, but I didn’t hear them until last year.) Listen to this playlist on Spotify. tUnE-yArDs – “Bizness” Wye Oak – “Two Small Deaths” James Blake – “The Wilhelm Scream” Air Review – “America’s […]

I am always intrigued when I discover I’ve collected songs of the same name performed by different artists. I’m not talking about covers — the songs are completely different with the exception of their title. But I always feel like their shared appellation begs for comparison. Because a song title usually suggests a theme, right? […]

Sam Dunn desperately wants heavy metal to be taken seriously. Growing up as a metalhead, Dunn has spent years defending the legitimacy of his favorite genre of music. Metal is simply his argument expanded (or maybe condensed) to 96 minutes. Though giving a slight focus to metal culture, Dunn and his co-writer/director Scot McFadyen tackle […]

The folk delight Lavender Diamond originated from Bird Songs of the Bauharoque, an operetta inspired by the work of American painter Paul Laffoley. Vocalist Becky Stark wrote and created the piece with a friend, and she starred as a character named Lavender Diamond, a charming part-bird/part-human who wants peace on earth. An album of Stark’s […]

Like Mirah, Nina Nastasia is an artist whom I think everyone should know because she is crazy talented. But at the same time I love that I don’t have to share her with so many people. Nina is one of very few artists who makes albums worth hearing in their entirety. She crafts songs from […]

The Ames Brothers – “The Naughty Lady of Shady Lane” (1954) I don’t usually write about music on this blog because, frankly, I suck at it, but I heard a song recently that’s got my inner feminist itchin’ to rant. The song, called “The Naughty Lady of Shady Lane,” was written in the 1950s and […]

A list of the twenty albums I listened to the most, according to Obviously, this list is not exclusive to albums made in 2008, though many of the higher-ranking albums were released during the past year: Robyn, Youth Novels, Volume One, We Started Nothing, Common Reaction, Santogold, and Velocifero. Several of the other albums […]

Hazel didn’t really tag me, but I decided to make my own list because I was intrigued mostly by the number seven and because Hazel is awesome. THE RULES: Post your list of the seven best albums, the seven bloggers you will tag, a copy of these rules, and a link back to this page. […]

My crush on Mirah dates back to college and a friendship I had with a girl named Katie. She was one of those people whom I meet and immediately want to be friends with but I’m too shy to actually talk to because they just seem that awesome. But Katie really was that awesome and […]

The Murmurs, ca. 1994 (Heather Grody, Leisha Hailey)  The Murmurs, 1997 (Heather Grody, Leisha Hailey, Sheri Ozeki, Sherri Solinger) The Murmurs, 1998 (Heather Grody, Leisha Hailey) The Murmurs, 1999 (Heather Grody, Leisha Hailey) I can’t back you on that haircut, Leish. GUSH, ca. 2001 (Brad Casselden, Dave Doyle, Heather Grody, Leisha Hailey, Jon Skibic) You’re […]