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Most of the time, when I have a crush (or a “crush”) on someone their looks are only a small part, or even a nonexistent part, of why I find them attractive. I love their sense of humor, their confidence, their style, their talent… Except I really don’t know much about David Wenham. I saw […]

Oh, Willow. She went through a rocky seven years, transforming from a shy, awkward outcast into a powerful witch recovering from her villainous actions triggered by the death of her beloved. I didn’t love all of the phases and trials she went through over the years (Sob! Tara! Sob!), and more than once I found […]

I could attempt to describe all of the reasons I love Carol Burnett – her talent, her humor, for being a trail blazer for female comedians and, indeed, all female performers – but I think this quotation demonstrates the greatness of Ms. Burnett better than I ever could: The weirdest I think I ever got […]

“You said, ‘I love you,’ I said, ‘Wait.’ I was going to say, ‘Take me,’ you said, ‘Go away.’” – Catherine, ‘Jules et Jim’ Although [Jules et Jim] is named for the men, its animating force is Catherine, a creature both utterly timeless…and forever changing…claiming for herself the reckless male freedoms that women have been […]

The folk delight Lavender Diamond originated from Bird Songs of the Bauharoque, an operetta inspired by the work of American painter Paul Laffoley. Vocalist Becky Stark wrote and created the piece with a friend, and she starred as a character named Lavender Diamond, a charming part-bird/part-human who wants peace on earth. An album of Stark’s […]

I admit that I find it difficult to separate Seth Green from Oz, Willow’s sweet, laconic, guitar-playing, werewolf boyfriend on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. But if I can still get excited about Seth’s presence in a project after growing up with Austin Powers, Idle Hands, and Without a Paddle, there must be something about Seth […]

I think I most admire Tilda Swinton’s sense of self and the unapologetic way that she lives her life. She is five-foot-ten and wears heels. She is 48-years-old and regularly shows up places like David Letterman and the Academy Awards wearing little or no makeup. She has played male characters a couple times and doesn’t […]

Like Mirah, Nina Nastasia is an artist whom I think everyone should know because she is crazy talented. But at the same time I love that I don’t have to share her with so many people. Nina is one of very few artists who makes albums worth hearing in their entirety. She crafts songs from […]

My crush on Mirah dates back to college and a friendship I had with a girl named Katie. She was one of those people whom I meet and immediately want to be friends with but I’m too shy to actually talk to because they just seem that awesome. But Katie really was that awesome and […]