Fresh Blood: Vamp Willow & Tara


So Joss gave us an evil lesbian and a dead lesbian. I give you evil, dead lesbians.

This mash-up came about because I really enjoyed seeing Amber Benson play a psychopath named Allison Davis in the episode “The Perfect Couple” on The Inside. But I didn’t think that Allison and Roddy Davis were the perfect couple. I was disappointed in Roddy’s characterization, which felt tired and unimaginative. So I decided to try to find the perfect match for Allison. And of course I turned to what I know. [cue Nerf Herder]


One Response to “Fresh Blood: Vamp Willow & Tara”

  1. 1 k.

    kinda wrong. hot and imaginative. thanks!
    i love your posts on the w/t front. you are so insightful
    and i reference your work frequently. hope you are well.

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