Top Five Whedon Characters


I attempted this list twice over on Hazel’s blog, but I’ve changed my mind again.

1. Willow


Willow in "Doppelgangland"

2. Tara

Tara in "The Body"

Tara in "The Body"

3. Faith

Faith in "Dirty Girls"

Faith in "Dirty Girls"

4. Giles

Giles in "Fear Itself"

Giles in "Fear Itself"

5. River

River in "Objects in Space"

River in "Objects in Space"


6 Responses to “Top Five Whedon Characters”

  1. 1 Me

    ┬┐Where is Anya? In The Body. That was great monologue.

    • I agree: Emma Caulfield does a fantastic job with that scene. But Anya never became one of my favorite characters. She unfortunately was limited to being a caricature most of the time, through no fault of Ms. Caulfield’s. I wish the writers had given her more to do.

  2. 3 Coons

    1. Spike
    2. Willow
    3. Malcom Reynolds
    4. ……

    Ok, I give up. This is too hard to pick 5, almost all his characters are what they are supposed to be and do a fantastic job….

  3. 4 L.

    what what? spike didn’t make it in? wtf wtf. also, drusilla.

    • After the beginning of season 4, I have no use for Spike. I think he stayed around longer than he should have, and I hated the abusive relationship that developed between him and Buffy. And I hated that the writers made Buffy forgive Spike for TRYING TO RAPE HER.

      I like Drusilla, but she’s nowhere near my top five.

  4. 6 k.

    1/ willow
    2/ tara
    3/ giles
    4 & 5 are debatable.

    stephanie, i completely agree. i liked spike more when he was
    endearing and tacitly flirtatious. all the wasteful straighty sex
    with spike and his sexual violence was unsophisticated, total turn off!!!
    it all just took time that could have been spent developing anya and tara.

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