Recasting ‘Dollhouse’


I’ve been catching up with the first two episodes of Dollhouse this weekend, so I had the opportunity to see Jamie Bamber, who is probably my least favorite Battlestar Galactica cast member and played probably my least favorite character, in a different role. With a full British accent even. He didn’t irritate me as much on Dollhouse as he has previously, but my opinion of his acting abilities was not improved. He apparently sucks the energy out of a scene in any context.

Tahmoh Penikett seems to be calling in some favors because Michael Hogan is also scheduled to guest star this season. But where the hell are the women of Battlestar Galactica? While I like many of the male characters on BsG, I never watched it for them. I watched it for the women: those complex, interesting female characters whose entire character arcs were not dependent upon their romantic relationships with men and who were played with depth and sensitivity by some seriously talented actors. If I were Joss Whedon, I wouldn’t have bothered with Tahmoh. I would have gone straight for the women.

Katee Sackhoff on 'Battlestar Galactica' as Starbuck

As I mentioned previously, I would hand Katee Sackhoff a gun and send her off to be seduced by Miracle Laurie in a heartbeat. I think she could do a lot with the Ballard role and really flesh it out to feel like a fully three-dimensional character.

And since I’m recasting actors whose performances have underwhelmed me, how about Tricia Helfer as “Topher”? She would definitely bring a different flavor to the character, but I loved how terrifyingly persuasive Tricia could be as the Six inside Baltar’s head. I think that quality would enable her to be an interesting “Topher,” whose morals tend to be a bit fuzzy.

I don’t know why, but I’m convinced that it’s a great idea for Mary McDonnell to play one of Adelle’s bosses. I’m not sure why I’m so in love with this notion, but I am. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I think Adelle wields the threat of The Attic like President Roslin used the airlock. I also like the idea of Mary being dark and quietly frightening – like she sometimes got to be on BsG – most of the time.

Lucy Lawless

I think Lucy Lawless would make a good handler. Well, I think she’d actually make a great doll, but all of the dolls seem to be under the age of 35. I love Boyd and Harry Lennix’s performance too much to just replace him, but Lucy could be Echo’s new handler after Boyd is promoted to head of security. Maybe she is the person inside the Dollhouse who is putting the hidden messages to Ballard in imprints…

And just to gay things up a little more, how about Grace Park as Sierra’s ex-girlfriend who teams up with Ballard in taking down the Dollhouse?


One Response to “Recasting ‘Dollhouse’”

  1. I think battlestar galactica is one of the worlds greatest series, and I love dollhouse and joss whedon in general, but I must say.. i do not agree with you. I like dollhouse as is. and I LOVE Topher. By the way, Jamie Bamber is british in real life.

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