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I’ve been putting off writing about this episode. It’s not that “Jaynestown” is horrible — the plot doesn’t make much sense, but that just means it’s on par with the rest of the series. It’s no worse than “Shindig” or “Safe” and it annoys me less than “The Train Job,” but I’ve been avoiding it […]

I actually had a conversation at work today about famous people who died from choking on their own vomit, which I think officially qualifies my week to be described as vomit-themed. Tommy Dorsey Bon Scott John Bonham Jimi Hendrix I feel badly for these chaps whose cause of death is listed as “vomit inhalation” because […]

I could attempt to describe all of the reasons I love Carol Burnett – her talent, her humor, for being a trail blazer for female comedians and, indeed, all female performers – but I think this quotation demonstrates the greatness of Ms. Burnett better than I ever could: The weirdest I think I ever got […]

I watched Titanic on TNT this weekend. I hadn’t seen the film since its release when I believe I saw it something like 4 or 5 times in the theater. What can I say? I was 14 and Leonardo DiCaprio was, like, so hot. I was looking forward to watching Titanic again with some distance […]

Though I didn’t know it when I saw the 1996 action thriller, the plot of Brian De Palma’s filmic interpretation of Mission: Impossible borrows quite a bit from Three Days of the Condor. In Condor, CIA employee Joe Turner finds himself running for his life after all of his colleagues are killed while he is […]

I wish that I liked this episode more because without “Our Mrs. Reynolds” there couldn’t be “Trash,” which is one of my favorite episodes of the series. And while this episode is definitely one of the better ones, I just can’t get behind the conceit of the plot. I struggle to believe that goons who […]

“What’s it like to be stupid?”“What’s it like sitting by yourself at lunch every day?”“It sucks.” Smart People is a typical story of a curmudgeon who softens when he finds potential in a new relationship. Lawrence Wetherhold is a widowed English professor at Carnegie Mellon who is uninterested in his students, alienated from his kids, […]

“You said, ‘I love you,’ I said, ‘Wait.’ I was going to say, ‘Take me,’ you said, ‘Go away.’” – Catherine, ‘Jules et Jim’ Although [Jules et Jim] is named for the men, its animating force is Catherine, a creature both utterly timeless…and forever changing…claiming for herself the reckless male freedoms that women have been […]