Ginger Crush: Tilda Swinton


I think I most admire Tilda Swinton’s sense of self and the unapologetic way that she lives her life. She is five-foot-ten and wears heels. She is 48-years-old and regularly shows up places like David Letterman and the Academy Awards wearing little or no makeup. She has played male characters a couple times and doesn’t mind a good genderfuck. She lives platonically with the father of her kids and has a romantic relationship with a German painter 18 years her junior. She is articulate as hell and extremely intelligent, not to mention fiercely talented.


2 Responses to “Ginger Crush: Tilda Swinton”

  1. 1 Baroque Pop Radio

    I’m a big fan as well. It sounds weird, but she reminds me of a late 70s David Bowie

  2. 2 stephanie b

    No, I get that. They’re both androgynous and kind of alien-looking but in a hot way.

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