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In 1994’s True Lies, Arnold Swarzenegger is Harry Tasker, a James-Bond-like spy for the United States who plays the part of a boring computer salesman for his wife, Helen (Jamie Lee Curtis), and daughter, Dana, since both have remained clueless to his true profession over the years. From the beginning of the movie, Cameron establishes […]

In Terminator 2: Judgement Day, made in 1991, Linda Hamilton plays the heroine, Sara Conner, a woman just as capable as Aliens‘ Ripley, who finds herself in a similar situation. Surrounded by doubting men and women, Sara has been labeled insane and placed in a mental hospital. Again, the audience, having presumably seen the first […]

When one picks up a copy of Cameron’s 1986 movie Aliens, one becomes aware that this film does not strive to be a typical action movie. The cover image depicts Sigourney Weaver, dripping with sweat, holding a small child on one hip and a large gun on the other with images of a battle-torn spaceship […]

I found an old sociology paper that I wrote when I was, I think, a sophomore in college for a Sex and Gender class. Within the paper I discuss James Cameron’s portrayal of gender in three of his films (Aliens, Terminator 2, and True Lies). Here’s my introductory paragraph: Filmmaker James Cameron, creator of the […]

I worry a little for people who might pick up Hard Candy because they see Ellen Page’s name on the cover, because this film is about as far from her star-making turn in indie darling Juno that one can get. Director David Slade’s debut feature film is an intense, disturbing psychological thriller of the highest […]

Julian Jarrold’s Becoming Jane tells a fictionalized account of the relationship between Jane Austen and Tom Lefroy, a young barrister whom Austen met when he stayed with relatives from December 1795 to January 1796 in Steventon, the coutryside where Austen spent much of her life. Letters from Austen to her sister Cassandra reveal that Austen […]

Hazel didn’t really tag me, but I decided to make my own list because I was intrigued mostly by the number seven and because Hazel is awesome. THE RULES: Post your list of the seven best albums, the seven bloggers you will tag, a copy of these rules, and a link back to this page. […]

I was very surprised/a little disappointed in myself that my list of 20 favorite actresses was composed completely of white, straight, able-bodied females. The list was made only slightly diverse in that it included seven non-American women (eight if you include Natalie Portman), two of whom speak English as a second language. A couple of […]