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So South of Nowhere recently aired its midseason finale to make way for Degrassi on The N’s schedule. Perhaps I’m in the minority — and granted I’ve never seen an episode of Degrassi — but do people really care about Degrassi? Go do a search for ‘Palex’ and then a search for ‘Spashley’ on YouTube […]

1:30 to WTF


The Sichel Sisters’ modest 1997 debut is an exceptional, affecting coming-of-age story that deserves and rewards multiple viewings. Claude and Ellen are 15-year-old best friends growing up in Hell’s Kitchen. They are nearly inseparable though physical and temperamental opposites. As summer begins, Ellen takes up with a controlling, volatile drug dealer named Mark, and Claude […]

Clue (1985)This movie is a classic of the broad comedy genre if you ask me. As a board game-to-film translation goes, I don’t know if one could hope for much better. The cast is top knotch with Tim Curry standing out particularly. The comedy isn’t particularly subtle or smart, but does it get any better […]