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Though made in 1990, one is tempted to include Pump Up the Volume amongst the Hughesian-like melodramas and gross-out comedies such as Porky’s that targeted a teen-aged audience in the ’80s. However, doing so would be a mistake. This film has characters that defy the stereotypes of most high-school movies and an intelligent, well-written script […]

The Murmurs, ca. 1994 (Heather Grody, Leisha Hailey)  The Murmurs, 1997 (Heather Grody, Leisha Hailey, Sheri Ozeki, Sherri Solinger) The Murmurs, 1998 (Heather Grody, Leisha Hailey) The Murmurs, 1999 (Heather Grody, Leisha Hailey) I can’t back you on that haircut, Leish. GUSH, ca. 2001 (Brad Casselden, Dave Doyle, Heather Grody, Leisha Hailey, Jon Skibic) You’re […]

Spanking the Monkey‘s playful title will cause you to expect this film to resemble David O. Russell’s subsequent films, I Heart Huckabees and Flirting with Disaster. Even the promotional poster calls this film a “comedy.” In actuality, Russell’s 1994 feature, which has become something of an indie classic, is quite a dark and disturbing film. […]

Ahh! Look at teeny tiny Danny Strong on the end there. He’s so little!

Race You to the Bottom is a character study that delves into the sometimes complex feelings that can arise between straight women and their gay male friends. Besides issues of negotiating one’s sexuality, Russell Brown’s first feature film explores being in one’s mid-twenties and trying to transition into the responsibilities of adulthood. However, neither Nathan, […]

They’re cute


But Ganya or death, baby!

Catchy song


But more importantly, cute close-ups.

Annie Leibovitz has photographed a new series of ads for Gap. As always, I love the simplicity of her images and how she photographs women in particular. She sexualizes them without being the least bit exploitive.

More Leisha


The sequence at -1:32 in this video exemplifies why I have a big ol’ crush on Leisha Hailey. Also, I prefer this simplified version of “White Rabbit,” because it isn’t trying too hard to be the Jefferson Airplane original, which it can never be.

Reading a description of the plot of Waitress won’t fully prepare you for seeing the film. Adrienne Shelly’s posthumously released final project is a dark, risky film with a warm, inviting color palette and a happy ending. Knowing that Shelly started her career in Hal Hartley films (and having seen a Hartley film) gives you […]