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Who allowed this mess of a film to leave the editing room? Rather, who let production begin with that hodgepodge of a script? The Curse of the Black Pearl offered two hours of fairly fast-paced fun and clever one-liners, and though not quite as strong, Dead Man’s Chest maintained the tone of the original. At […]

Or perhaps the better question is what was the rationale behind Nick Brendon’s striped pants? And why is Alyson Hannigan shoved into the background in almost all of the photos? All of them are trying for the mysterious, sexy pout that American mags seem to like, but none of them are entirely succeeding.

Election is a delicious satire of high school student council politics that manages to generate both humor and poignancy. Alexander Payne’s direction is perfect, and his vision is realized by a quartet of strong lead performances. I’m amazed that Reese Witherspoon experienced difficulty landing roles after appearing in this film because I think her performance […]

Chaim Potok’s The Chosen explores being a Jew in the rather tumultuous time of the 1940s and early ’50s. Reuven Malter, raised by a liberal Jewish scholar, befriends Danny Saunders, the son and heir apparent to a Hasidic rabbi. The novel follows the development of their friendship over the course of seven years as it […]

circa 1999


Not my favorite of Coupland’s books, but Eleanor Rigby offers an entertaining and sometimes poignant narrative. The story felt a little superficial, like he had a good idea but did not mine it for all of its melodramatic goodness. The content seemed to explore similar territory as my favorite Coupland novel All Families Are Psychotic […]