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A movie starring two actors like Cate Blanchett and Judi Dench inspires high expectations. The first two-thirds of this film deliver on those expectations, but sloppy writing and poor direction cause the latter part to falter. Notes on a Scandal offers a compelling portrait of two desperately lonely women, who become consumed by their respective […]

Amber Benson’s debut as a writer/director tackles issues of sexuality and relationships to a less than successful end. But considering this film in its context — a completely unschooled young actor’s first attempt at film making — I see a lot of potential. Most of the film, while choppy, is entertaining, and the characters are […]

Dawn is surprisingly likable in this episode. I love her little walk away from Buffy: “Bye. I know. You never know what’s coming. The stake is not the power. To Serve Man is a cookbook. I love you. Go away!” Very obviously, this episode attempts to return the show “to the beginning” with the reopening […]

“Villains” HATE the Dark Willow storyline. And what a boring start to the mini-arc this episode provides. Thanks a lot, Marti Noxon. I really tend to dislike the episodes that you write. Oh, that’s right. I went there. I hate the mislead of Buffy’s shooting that allows Willow not to tell Xander and Buffy about […]