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I hope that the following statement is obvious: Joss Whedon & Co. would have taken crap about having lesbian characters on Buffy no matter what. Inevitably when anyone is portraying characters from non-dominant social groups, someone somewhere will complain about the authenticity/fairness of representation/appeal/hairstyle of that character. That said, I have adverse emotions toward the […]

Though I call myself a Buffy fan, I admit that my viewing habits of the show were spotty. I missed watching seasons one and two on their first TV run. I watched reruns and a friend’s taped episodes of season two before season three, which I did watch regularly. Season three, which in my opinion […]

Due to Ryan Gosling’s Oscar-nominated role as Dan Dunne, Half Nelson has garnered quite a bit of attention for the little indie film that it is. And while Gosling does some fine work (not unusual for Gosling, who has consistently delivered interesting performances even in boring movies like Murder by Numbers), it’s Shareeka Epps playing […]

Mysterious Skin offers a powerful and unique insight into the effects of child abuse. In his approach to the material, Araki does not demonize or judge any of the characters, even Coach. The script follows two narratives, those of Neil and Brian, portrayed by two fine young actors Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Brady Corbet respectively. While […]