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I cannot remember the last time that I anticipated a film as much as I am anticipating the April release of Hilary Brougher’s Stephanie Daley. When I read the plot outline, I worried that the material could easily become a very special presentation on Lifetime. But judging from the small amounts of available footage, Brougher […]

I finally saw the surprise sleeper hit that earned itself four Oscar nominations, the film that was recommended to me by everyone whose opinion of film I value. And I have to say: WHAT? Am I the only one who recognizes that writer Michael Arndt merely combined every indie movie cliché into one film? Oh, […]

Joan of Arcadia began its short, two-season run to a good amount of critical acclaim. By the end of season two, both ratings and acclaim had waned, but despite the weak writing that caused its decline in both quality and appreciation Joan of Arcadia distinguished itself as a member of a very short list of […]

I don’t understand why this film has received such bad word-of-mouth. I mean, no one would confuse it with Kieslowski’s Trois Coleurs trilogy, or maybe even the much lauded and more comparable Sin City. But director Francis Lawrence takes chances, and even though not all of them pay off, when they do work they work […]

Ronald Bass, who won an Oscar for his Rain Man screenplay, really likes autism. On the very self-assured commentary track that came with the Mozart and the Whale DVD, Bass explains that he thinks people with autism exhibit the emotions and awkwardness of social interactions that non-autistic people are so good at hiding. And he […]

I am not a Nicholas Cage fan. He’s a decent enough actor and he generally does not embarrass himself, but I have never thought that he really owned a performance, that I could not see another actor performing the role as credibly or more credibly. My reaction to his performance in Matchstick Men is congruent […]

The Opposite of Sex is not a film for everyone. It is a curious blend of black comedy and character study, driven by the performances of two actors, Lisa Kudrow and Martin Donovan, who usually play supporting roles. Christina Ricci and Ivan Sergei, who look like leading role types, remain unseen for large chunks of […]