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I never thought that I would make this statement, but as I watched True Romance I longed for Quentin Tarantino. Can I say it? The script was good, with the exception of that warm, fuzzy ending, but Tony Scott filmed it with absolutely no style. It looked like any other Hollywood-processed action movie, even though […]

Wildflower is what I would call a modest movie. And by that I mean that Diane Keaton’s made-for-TV movie based on a young-adult novel does not pretend to be something that it is not. Keaton is cognizant that she is not making a film masterpiece — she is making a wholesome, family telefilm and she […]

Oh my god, Hollywood. Do I have to do everything around here? What’s with the flabby storytelling? Especially on a film like PotC which is intended to be some thoughtless, fast-paced entertainment. Instead, the movie’s aimless and, frankly, boring initial 30 minutes or so causes the piece to clock in at an overly long two […]

This statement evokes feelings of shallowness, but considering the cast of this movie the quality of the film surprised me. Josh Hartnett, Mekhi Phifer, and Julia Stiles all give top-notch performances in this modern adaptation of Shakespeare’s Othello. I believe that I was 17 or so when I first saw Josh Hartnett in Pearl Harbor […]