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So far season seven? HAAATE. We’re not at a season three low, but wait for it. I’m not blaming Palladinos or Non-Palladinos because I do really like some bits of the season. Some scenes have been deliciously old-school GG, and, dude, does it get any better than Paris and Doyle hip-hop dancing? HATE, the first: […]

Sadly, this movie kind of sucked. It kind of….wasn’t funny. I love Stephen Colbert. Really I do. And I love a lot of the film’s supporting actors, like Alison Janney and Chris Pratt. But the movie kind of sucked. The plot is ridiculous, of course, but a ridiculous plot does not necessitate a film’s failure. […]

In a rare occurrence, this film’s previews sparked my desire to see it. Granted the film is strange, but the previews made it seem even stranger. In other words, I expected to see a lot of drug-induced hallucinations. And while I did not dislike the film, I struggled to engage with the characters. Cillian Murphy […]

I feel betrayed. I swear that the two-hour event of The Closer the other week, featuring a very special appearance by the incomparable William Daniels, was a season premiere and not a season finale, but I seem to be wrong. The previous episode was all the way back in September. Why the hell did TNT […]

First, I would like to thank TNT for allowing me both to review films that I have not seen in some time and for giving me an opportunity to attempt films that I have been hesitant to watch, including Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill films. I had not seen any of Tarantino’s films before watching Kill […]