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I watched Charlie’s Angels two-and-a-half times, that’s what kind of weekend I had. And I had definite opinions concerning the television edit neutering the pacing of the movie. I swear though — Bill Murray popping up with that perfectly rendered gun made from soap with his teeth kills me every time. Advertisements

Coroner: “I have to remove a javelin from a body.”Lennie: “Why did you pursue this line of work?”Coroner: “Free javelins.”

Lauren Graham is edging past the scorching side of hot and should have about 27 Emmys on her mantle at this point. Season three was a crappy season. The non-entity boyfriend Alex, a pointless and ridiculous reappearance of Max, Jess being an asshole, Lorelai being enormously self-centered and actually annoying me, Nicole and her heart […]