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I have great respect for authors, screenwriters, playwrights, etc. who choose to mold their main characters into an almost unlikable form, which Coetzee has done with David Lurie. It is a risky move for many reasons, but the main risk lies in the possibility that the reader will disconnect from the story before the protagonist […]

I read this novel because I was feeling spiteful toward two pompous and supercilious poets who visited my campus recently and said that Mukherjee, when she interviewed for a position at the university at which they work, seemed arrogant and unwilling to connect with students. Despite the superficial motivations behind the reading, I enjoyed the […]

“Hush” Tara leaves to find Willow, looks at her room before leaving (door opens) Running away from The Gentlemen, Tara knocks on doors, runs through doors to stairwell Mislead: audience thinks Tara is knocking on Willow’s door but a Gentleman opens the door instead (door opens) Willow comes out of her door and Tara runs […]